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Resplendence is yet another resource editor, written by Jonathyn Bet'nct. Unlike other resource editors, Resplendence can edit many file formats, including resource files, DFF files, PalmOS PRC files, and chunk formats. It also includes many features and utilities that other resource editors don't. Like other resource editors, it's unstable as heck and crashes often. Oh well.

There is also another version called Resplendence Lite that has less features and won't crash as often. For that reason only, I recommend the Lite version over the full version.
For Windows version, you may need to download StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems to decompress the file.

Version : 1.0 Lite, Carbon
Size : 1.5MB
Download : respllitecarbon.sit

Version : 1.0 Lite, Classic
Size : 1.2MB
Download : resplliteclassic.sit

Version : 1.0 Lite, Windows
Size : 988K
Download : respllitewin.sit

Version : 1.0a6 Full, Carbon
Size : 1.5MB
Download : respl106carbon.sit

Version : 1.0a6 Full, Classic
Size : 1.2MB
Download : respl106classic.sit

Version : 1.0a6 Full, Windows
Size : 988K
Download : respl106win.sit

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